Bonnie Carlson
Bonnie Carlson's Fundraiser

Sponsor 10 students for another year at the University of Fondwa

Join me and help make a difference in rural Haiti, please give today.

$1,750 towards $1,000

Some of you know my mother, Mary Susan Carlson - as your neighbor, your former eye doctor, your friend, your relative. I know her as my heroine. She raised me and my brother to use our privilege and our good fortune to help others. Now that she is retired from practicing medicine, she has taken a position as the Executive Director with the Raising Haiti Foundation. The Raising Haiti Foundation has an initiative called the 3Legs Pilot Project with a goal to sustainably create wealth in rural Haitian communities.

The Foundation currently sponsors 19 students to attend University of Fondwa, Haiti's rural university. Upon their graduation, each student pledges to return to their rural communities to raise up the area and eventually help the entire country.

Currently, the Raising Haiti Foundation has funding for University of Fondwa tuition for 9 of the 19 students to enroll next year, but still needs funds for the other 10 students. The Julian Grace Foundation will provide matching funds, up to $25,000 so if we can raise $25,000, each of these 10 kids will be able to study for another year at the university.

Join me in supporting real change. Let's support good in the world and make a difference. Just a small donation will go a long way toward allowing these kids to study for another year at University of Fondwa. I know that there are many worthy causes asking for donations. But this one is different: it is investing in long-term development for the poorest country in our hemisphere.

I appreciate your help!